About Dependable Crane School

About Dependable Crane School

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Jared Maxwell

Owner and Founder of Dependable Crane School

Meet Jared Maxwell, a distinguished veteran in the crane industry boasting nearly two decades of invaluable experience. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive operational expertise, Jared has become a stalwart figure in the field.

Throughout his career, Jared has not only honed his skills in crane operations but has also contributed significantly to the education of thousands of operators. His multifaceted approach includes providing classroom instruction, hands-on training, as well as rigging and signal person training.
Passionate about his work, Jared finds immense joy in interacting with students, fostering an environment of learning and skill development. His dedication to sharing knowledge has made him a sought-after instructor in the crane industry.

As an integral part of Dependable Crane School, Jared continues to shape the next generation of crane operators, instilling a commitment to excellence and safety. Join us in recognizing Jared’s impactful journey and his continuous efforts in shaping a competent and skilled workforce in the crane industry.

Adam Pierce

Adam Pierce

Co-Founder, Instructor - Dependable Crane School

Meet Adam, a seasoned professional in the world of crane operations and certification. Serving as a practical exam proctor accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), Adam has been an integral part of the industry since 2008.
His passion for the crane training and testing environment is evident through years of dedicated service, where he consistently upholds the rigorous guidelines and standards set by the NCCCO. With a commitment to ensuring the highest level of competence in crane operators, Adam co-founded Dependable Crane School.

As a key figure in the certification process, Adam administers hands-on crane certification tests with precision and expertise. His wealth of experience and love for the industry make him an invaluable asset to Dependable Crane School, where excellence in crane training is not just a goal but a standard.

Join us in recognizing Adam’s contribution to the field and his unwavering commitment to safety and proficiency in crane operations.

Geoff Melicharek

Meet Geoff, the heartbeat of hands-on training at Dependable Crane School! With an unwavering passion for teaching and training, Geoff’s is your guide to success in the NCCCO practical exam. His dedication is not just a job, but a mission to make candidates feel not only prepared but comfortable and confident as they face their practical tests. Geoff’s kindness and patience create an environment where learning flourishes. In his role at Dependable Crane School, he is dedicated to shaping confident, competent operators. Join Geoff on the journey to mastering practical skills and ensuring your success at Dependable Crane School.

Chris Chiavola

Welcome to Dependable Crane School, where expertise meets excellence in mobile crane training! Serving clients since 2014, Chris stands as our seasoned instructor and provider. Passionate about teaching, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge, ensuring you’re not just prepared but equipped to excel. As an NCCCO crane certification preparation course facilitator, Chris’s commitment shines through in his extremely high pass rates. Mastering crane regulations and verbatim, he guides you with precision and care on your journey to crane operator proficiency. Join us at Dependable Crane School, where Chris turns aspirations into accomplishments.

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